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All You Need To Know About “Ori And The Will Of Wisps”.

by Nexx

This is the latest Microsoft Studios published game and it’s on PC and Xbox and it’s the follow up to ori and the blind forest which was released back in 2015. If you didn’t play that one well I think this new one is gonna bring a lot of fans because already in the will of the wisps right now straight up it’s a fantastic game some technical flaws but so much fun.

If you’re unaware of the setup the general hook of the game is kind of this. It’s a modern Metroidvania style game with some insane platforming like I’m talking butter smooth platforming there’s a story you know it’s charming if a bit simple one and some downright incredible art design and music. It’s just a good adventure that’s really the Ori games in a nutshell this time around obviously you get a new adventure some tweaks to the main flow generally more to do and much more combat abilities this time around in fact it’s just straight-up great combat well in the original game.

It was fine here, it’s more refined Ori has more abilities there’s more nuances to enemies and there’s more of a balanced focus or in the will of the wisps doesn’t really seem to have like a like a weak spot as far as I can see in its main things combat traversal exploration. It’s all pretty great and fine-tuned here now let’s start out with a platforming the tried and true stuff that helped people fall in love with the original game it seems it’s multifaceted. It has a learning curve and requires some actual skill there are multiple jumps poles to swing on air dashes gliding clinging to walls little backflips and launchers among other things that just make this game so freakin satisfying as soon as you get a lot of the main abilities for traversal and platforming. It’s so much fun to pull off an absolutely flawless bound through an area filled with enemies.

Environmental hazards moving objects and traps and just a bunch of things in the environment that really take advantage of your whole skill arsenal. It all animates and kind of flows together flawlessly when you get a good run or you get like a good sea ones that you complete after nailing and dying so many times it feels like a perfect super meatboy section run kind of but with a whole bunch more going on and then.

There’s of course a big map to explore exploring the maps has a little bit everything you know feels endless and keeps growing as you play. Finding the map guy to get a map for a section feels genuinely useful stumbling across characters often gives you a little side objectives which usually send you to a deeper region in the map or out of your way or revisiting an old area to get something and bring.

It back and thankfully these side quests do actually feel rewarding with what you earn and what I like is you don’t even really need a side quest as a reason to backtrack or anything revisiting old areas with new abilities. More combat strength makes you feel like you’ve actually gotten somewhere grown as a character of course like with your abilities build but with your general skill as well again to overuse this word from Reilly like the whole video.

It’s just immensely satisfying coming back into an old area makes you feel like a badass like you started out in that area as a kid and now your pack is an adult does that make sense now combat like I said does get an overhaul thank you see you having more interesting main options they basically give you a sword of light.

The game’s just got way more of a hacky slash feel immediately you use it directionally yeah especially when you’re in the air and stuff and that makes all the difference. If you haven’t played these games to be a little bit reductive for a second this might piss people off but like the base of it does feel a little bit like hollow Knight if you played something like that for comparison’s sake quick aggressive slammy hits where if you don’t pay attention you can die quickly unless you have the energy to pop a self heal and thankfully there’s a lot of stuff in the environment that can help you out as well there’s just much more of it all as it expands combat wise you get energy projectiles some magic abilities and stuff that are kind of like the original game.

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