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All You Need To Know About “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”

by Nexx

Final Fantasy 7 is of course you know the remake of the 1997 ps1 classic Final Fantasy 7 for many it’s their favorite in the whole series this is the Final Fantasy game that took the franchise into the stratosphere there’s a lot of love here there’s a lot of nostalgia here. A Remake that we’ve been waiting for for like a really really long time they’ve even following since like when they released that ps3 tech demo trailer of the opening intro that they remade back in like 2005 yeah people have been hungry for this world if you can’t tell from all the expanded movies and media and stuff they want more of this world more of these characters and with this remake you certainly get a ton of that I’d say almost everything you as a fan may have wanted almost.

It’s a remake of a very old and known game there are still lots and new surprises so anyway though this is a final fantasy RPG well now more action RPG but to answer the question I always get on social media let’s be nice here like for newcomers know you don’t have to have played the old game or played any previous Final Fantasy games before it this is obviously gonna be great school for some people.

It’s okay if you don’t know each Final Fantasy game is its own thing typically a new world new characters a new adventure so you’re fine going in fresh here in it your Cloud Strife an anime hairboy ex-soldier mercenary for hire in the futuristic stored a cyberpunk city of Midgar. The corporation shin rock controls everything and harvests moko from the planet which many believe is slowly killing the planet what follows is a crazy adventure involving long-lost friends eco-terrorism fighting for what you believe in corporate takedowns and a lot more at stake I’m glossing over a lot but there’s too much here.

Each character often has a special attack separate from their main spendable ability attacks or a special attack stance that you can take advantage of that makes things a bit more fun and gives you a bit more strategy because every enemy requires a very different tool in your arsenal to take them down. It’s an RPG still so
everything has a different weakness oh plus every so often you can use your Limit Break and then there are summons and some of the fun is finding out like the right way to keep pressure on an enemy to then stagger them and leave them more vulnerable for a high damage that’s an added layer of depth that I like to but thanks to worrying about your atv gauge it still doesn’t feel completely like straight-up action combat.

voice acting is okay you know some is really good the mains are mostly good the NPC’s are corny and sometimes really clogged up all the sounds you’re hearing as you’re going through the towns personally I turned off that option where it shows subtitles for random NPC dialogue on the left side. I will say I was surprised by a few famous voice actors that turned up here and there.

I didn’t I didn’t know ahead of time and I appreciated seeing them here but now of course I have to acknowledge the elephant in the room this isn’t a complete adventure this is essentially episodic think less like a telltale game and more like Avengers infinity war endgame type of thing that’s what it feels like to me and it makes up for it I really really wish this was just one big Final Fantasy 7. The games is almost a prefect blend of a remake. So, what is your opnion about this, do you like the game. If you do what is the best thing did you like in Final Fantasy 7.

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