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All You Need To Know About “Resident Evil 2 Remake”

by Nexx

Resident Evil game it’s the perfect place to start – because Resident Evil 2 is where things start getting really freakin crazy a Resident Evil 2 itself is challenging. It’s scary and it’s replayable exactly what I was hoping for while it felt completely familiar to me there were enough moments that still kept me on my
toes nicely enough especially when it came to replaying difference in areas Resident Evil 2.

Essentially takes the best stuff from Resident Evil 7 which I thought was a good game you know it takes up the cleaned-up inventory management that harkens to the originals the streamlined but still challenging puzzles the difficulty balancing and near perfect item distribution and of course the absolutely awesome graphical engine and it takes all that and it puts it all in third-person.

I have to say holy first-person Resident Evil was fun yeah but I really want every red an evil game to play just like Resident Evil 2 from now on in a lot of ways it feels like such a good return to true survival horror form.

You’re ncreasingly outmatched as the game goes on and more enemies and creatures are introduced and you always feel like you never have enough healing items or there are more enemies than there are bullets and not enough boards to cover up every window to save you from zombie troubles every item spent picked up dropped or left behind almost becomes a calculated decision by the end of the game and that’s what makes it almost like addictive in nature and enemy types shake.

It up two liquors work differently and require almost a bit of confined close-quarters stealth and the tyrant or mr. X as we used to call him he acts as like a wandering enemy in the environment searching and hunting for you but you can often at least hear his big scary stomping footsteps as he comes it just works as a really good scare tactic for the environment even if he’s nowhere around here.

I’m stomping away somewhere far away so just the fact that you know he’s out there will kind of always give you the chills but the zombies are the main show and they did such a good job with them here they’re absolutely terrifying they’re relentless a bit more unpredictable than you’d expect and they have all sorts of movements and make nasty sounds and can be blasted to pieces.

If you’re good these zombies are some of the best and most detailed we’ve seen in a game in some time even though in typical Resident Evil fashion it is better off if you avoid enemies and we pass them more than anything but the game still manages to shake up areas where you were otherwise comfortable in surprising ways.

I will say the combat knife is now a breakable weapon that now also doubles as an expendable item to escape from a grab or a zombie similar to the original Resident Evil remake but having a knife that breaks also means that if you have no bullets and no knife or other escape items then you literally can’t do anything and sometimes you just gotta take a hit for the team I think some more modern game players who’ve never played a game like this might be frustrated having no defensive capabilities just that heads up.

I think most of you won’t mind that especially if you’ve played a few survival horror games and thankfully between puzzles and items the game environment once again feels like one big Rubik’s Cube you constantly bang your head against until you figure it out section by section and that’s great Resident Evil 7 had elements.

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