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All You Need To Know About “Rocket League”

by Nexx

First thing, I want to talk about is the fact that Rocket League is free to play last year they actually changed it from a buy to play game to a free to play game there is a cash shop if you’re wondering. it is cosmetic only but one thing to mention but it’s been like this throughout the whole time the game’s been out. The different cars have slightly different hitboxes but it isn’t pay to win or anything like that as you’ll notice the first car you get which is namely octane that’s what most professionals use, I believe it’s still one of the best cars if not the best car to use. There’s no incentive to go out and buy a certain car or try and get a certain look so yeah there’s not much to say but yeah it is free to play.

There’s no down no downside sorry to getting the game it is completely free there’s no pay to win there’s no advantages from buying the game or going to the cash shop so it’s definitely worth your time just to jump in and give it a go one quick tip the game is much much better with a controller that’s what this game was made for mouse and keyboard.

It sucks it’s just so much harder people do use it but it’s just it’s a lot harder and it’s unnecessarily hard so yeah. If you can get your hands on a controller if you’re on console that’s not going to be very hard if you’re on pc just get yourself a controller. I’ve used the controller in the past. So the gameplay in the background is going to be quite crap.

I will be honest but yeah it is just a much easier experience on controller and if you’re looking to get into the game it’s definitely worth the investment all right so next I want to talk about what’s in the game and what you can do okay so let’s talk about what’s in the game first we’ll start with the menu you’ve got your rocket pass you’ve got the garage item shop and profile so the rocket pass is like the battle pass from fortnight.

The best way I can explain um purely cosmetic you can they’ve got a base version and a premium version obviously if you purchase the premium version you get more rewards as you rank up and I believe there’s 100 levels to this rocket pass and it’s 740 so if you do get into the game you like customizing your car. It’s worth it because you get quite a lot of cool unique things and that brings us to the next thing the garage and the garage is what you use to customize your car look what you’ve unlocked you can even show your friends what you’ve unlocked and you can also create presets so if you have a car you really like or three cars you really like you can make certain presets.

So, the Rocket league has a unique way of gameplay in which there is a gaint football type ball is placed in the middle. The cars has to make a goal in the game to win, however there are many modes you can play in. There is 4 vs 4, there is 3 vs 3, 2 vs 2, and 1 vs 1 too, if you wanna get a better player, then as per your wish you train in the playground alone improving skills.

Rocket league has everthing good, best in class visuals, but there is one thing that rocket league missed. If the internet connection is better then your game can run smoother, but its all matter of internet connection. I thought to put that in front of you would be great. At last if you have played this rocket league game and enjoyed in its stance then comment down below and tell us what do you like the most in rocket league. And if you havent played yet then give this game a try, its one of the most best online game till now.

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