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All You Need To Know About “Cyberpunk 2077”

by Nexx

We’ve been waiting for this game since like 2012 when it was first announced 2012. the first before you buy video wasn’t even until 2015. Cyberpunk 2077, there’s a lot to say so bear with me some disclaimers here a long intro period and a bit after that nothing really much more there and I left a big stuff out because I know people are excited and worried about spoilers so, not to worry about that.

It’s a game of butts like not like butts but like butts many of the elements here have like this aspect is great but so this is of course all up to your taste some people will love it all. I’m just gonna go through everything CD Projekt red has succeeded most in the world that they built here night city that cyberpunk vibe and the respect of the tabletop game. It’s based on the lore all that stuff man it’s great if you were sold on the cyberpunk aesthetic and the vibe and the themes alone I think you will be satisfied here night city is an incredible freaking world to explore.

It’s filled with tons of things to see people to talk to vendors food side quests it all feels new and different and a lot of it is traditional stuff we’ve seen in other RPGs but not really totally like this implemented like this spread out in a world like this looking like this and this for me was the main appeal of the game. There are some corners of the city that felt like they were like less intensely designed and detailed just kind of like a background area copy and pasted or thrown in not a lot of thought put into and I still found myself scouring every inch of the city including those like less paid attention to areas just slowing down while driving checking stuff out because all of it is just that cool and interesting and immersive to me personally.

The enjoyment of night city is gonna depend on where you play though and I’ll get to that soon. The world is not perfect though, I’ll admit some of it is technically like set dressing you know npcs in particular seem super dumb and lifeless and don’t really have that like RPG world life to them with routines and stuff like that you’d expect from this game they don’t really react much to anything it’s not really convincing it’s weird and it’s an example of you will find weird things throughout this game where the cracks show.

I personally didn’t hang on to every single word cd projekt red has said for the last five six however freaking long years so there might be smaller things that you were technically excited about that aren’t here you choose one of three life path backstories. I made corpo and then I went back and tested street kid mode and played for a few hours there on a different platform these backstories are shockingly short expected a little more from them you know the whole intro thing after they talked it up but once you get into the world it comes up occasionally in some interesting and some kind of whatever ways but you’re quickly thrust into a world of mercenary work and heisting and without spoiling things keanu reeves shows up and things get way more complex pretty quickly and he’s with you for a lot of the game and he does great super entertaining love the guy this story is a lot more personality driven and has a lot of real heart and charm to it than I expected.

It’s not just cool guy edge lord stuff there is some great character focus here and you’ll get glued to some of the characters especially thanks to some really impressive faces and voice acting the gameplay department is interesting combat is purely first person shooting stealth and a bit of melee melit is pretty much like any other first person game it’s just kind of okay but they add some little tweaks if you level up into it stealth can be more compelling think deus ex style hacking but kind of amped up thanks to the hyper connected setting although not all enemy encounters feel like as tightly designed for stealth possibilities as I would hope.

he amount of opportunities in the environment often make up for that like just make sure you’re prepared and buy the right stuff to connect yourself and choose the right skills now as much as I don’t think the stealth is perfect and flawless or super elegant by any means the way they sell it in this futuristic world is interesting and fun for me personally. The first person shooting and I’m usually pretty skeptical of first person shooting in games that are more traditionally structured like an RPG but it’s good here they did a good job ads is snappy the guns feel loud and aggressive and responsive with believable recoil.

There’s good destruction in the environment for good measure this is playing through mouse and keyboard and on controller I bounce back and forth yes enemies have the bullet sponge RPG thing a little bit where they take a lot of shots including headshots but upgrading one of the weapon focused skill trees can help out with that pretty significantly then the driving was the other thing. I was super skeptical of but was pleasantly surprised they pulled it off you know a studio that’s never really done car driving games seems like they nailed it.

I straight up love the driving it’s a little bouncy and floaty when you hit stuff but otherwise it’s fast handling is pretty good drifting and cornering is arcady enough but comfortable for open world games like this and the cars and trucks just straight up they look awesome design wise interior and exterior it’s just awesome to see now for the RPG stuff.

There’s a lot to explain I don’t have time for digging into all of it but you guys know I love character and RPG progression systems so let’s go cyberpunk didn’t hook me as much on the RPG front as I was hoping it’s not bad it’s just 50 50 and it’s personal taste I didn’t find myself getting addicted to any of it you know there’s a lot of loot a lot of it feels a bit meaningless but at least the crafting is straightforward it’s a little grindy but it’s a little bit more satisfying in helping you keep one item or weapon long-term despite picking up new stuff every three minutes weapon attachments work nicely too and they feel significant the skill tree and leveling up is fine you know you level up and dump points into body intelligence technical cool for stealth and stuff stuff like that and then they all inside there have trees which you dump different points into it’s a lot there’s a lot of ways you can go I do appreciate the freedom of choice here most of these things are passive like engineering buffs to resist explosive damage or more critical hit chances or more headshot damage or more active stuff like faster ads more hacking abilities and each tree rewards you in a bigger more significant way if you invest deep into it for a long time there’s usually a good strong unlock at the end of a path then there’s the cool cyberpunk body mods you can spend in-game money on that you earn from doing stuff these are the cool things like enhanced vision stronger legs to double jump the resistances blades that come out of your arms for melee damage these are awesome.

I really enjoyed these more than the actual skill tree stuff maybe it was the tangibility of it maybe it was just the concept behind it or how you get it they were a grind but I found them more satisfying to get on the rpg side I was however bummed to see skill checks and conversations you know like the different dialogue choices depending on your character mostly take a back seat you know they are there but not as often as I was personally hoping and they rarely actually affect anything in certain key missions they can in some complex and interesting ways but not as often as I was expecting like especially for the small stuff most of the time you can just use your life path backstory to access another dialogue option that just kind of gives you more story context and doesn’t change much it’s all there it’s all solid but you know this is gonna sound weird but I found the questing and side questing and exploring and shooting and driving way more interesting and appealing than the actual rpg systems themselves I know that sounds blasphemous I play a lot of rpgs but I preferred the moment to moment stuff more especially the side quests there’s some great stuff in there that they just go nuts with and really build out the world and honestly don’t be too concerned about the game length like in the intro period alone I could have spent like 10 hours right there yes the main quest is only 20 to 30 hours but the world is bigger than I expected.

Filled with a lot of cool stuff now of course if you’ve been online you’ve probably heard this already but this game is jacked up man it should have spent more time in the oven like a lot of games this year probably due to development workflows changing because of circumstances but it’s way less excusable in cyberpunk because there’s a there’s a lot of issues, these glitches don’t bother me too much or distract me as long as they don’t completely break the game or get me stuck or erase my save or anything like that some people are way more annoyed by them that might be you I get it wherever you stand you should know that this game can be really messy I’ve seen characters hold invisible guns clip through walls completely disappear weird visual graphical bugs npcs floating cars explode for no reason you name it now I have heard from some friends who have had way less issues and that’s cool but this stuff needs to be patched and updated and I expect it will witcher 3 had some kinks and they got ironed out too and the game only got better and better over time now there’s another aspect to this though that I don’t know how fixable it is console performance is mostly absolutely abysmal.

I am really sorry to report this but if you’re playing this on a base ps4 or a base xbox one which the gameplay of all that we are showing now here on screen you’re gonna more likely have a bad time it feels so undercooked and it’s a shame man streets have less cars and npcs the frame rate can drop well below 30 and I had a few Cyberpunk 2077 crashes not only that it’s just fuzzy blurrywith lower textures significantly lower resolution less lighting overall straight up kind of looks like you ever play do you ever play a switch port of a game that was on console and then like it looks like they got it running on switch but it’s super blurry for lack of a professional phrase it’s like that it looks super low res like a switch port but it’s on your home television or monitor now ps4 pro and xbox one x definitely have some improvements but the frame rate can still struggle we saw some significant drops and some artifacting.

The game running in backwards compatibility mode on xbox series x or ps5 it’s playable it’s a little compromise but it seems fine also the hdr doesn’t seem to be implemented right so hdr experts out there that I’ve followed have recommended turning it off for now and I do agree it’s also just a beast of a game on pc a total freaking hog but it’s doable at least and it’s nowhere near as broken the game can still be pretty on consoles but the base console performance is really a bummer because I know many of you out there still just have base consoles and that’s fine but we were expecting to get at least you know standard you know a game that doesn’t look as good but is at least totally playable and still enjoyable bare minimum.

I think stuff will improve I really hope it does but this is this is the big butt of the game man like where are you playing it what’s your tolerance for glitches and bugs and can you put up with 30 frames per second or you can you put up with like 20 frames per second there are experts out there that can break this down you know I always recommend digital foundry we don’t try to pretend to be super geniuses here but I will say for me like if you have any performance concerns on any platform it’s okay to wait you know there are so many games out there to catch up on right now and eventually this game will fix some bugs and have native next-gen versions and be good to go cyberpunk 2077 is a really unique and exciting game that a lot of people clearly worked very hard on it’s entertaining it’s got a cool story and honestly some even more interesting side quests it’s got good shooting cool driving good characters in a big city that they built that you you gotta see for yourself.

I’m serious it’s not the rpg game to end all games no but it is absolutely 100 worth playing I recommend it it’s just a matter of where and when you play and that’s a big sticking point but that’s all we have time for today hopefully i’ve helped or maybe you bought it already and you’re just watching this whoever you are I do appreciate you whether you’re a commenter or a lurker thank you for being here hopefully we steered you in the right direction this is a before you buy I give you some pros cons and personal opinion and now I want to hear yours in the comments are you playing what do you think do you love the side quests as much as I love the main quest as much as I love the world.

Are you pissed about the performance are of cyberpunk 2077 let us know down in the comment box

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