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All You Need To Know About “For Honour”

by Nexx

I’m surprised I wasn’t that excited about this game but ultimately I ended up playing way more for honor than I thought I would. It’s not terrible it’s not perfect though and it’s got some big flaws and question marks but when the game works. It’s fun but also when the game doesn’t quite fall into place the cracks really start to show. I think it will lose a lot of people but the folks who do find their way and maybe even like create a community will really just embrace and kind of dig this game because I think some of you guys out there will really like the competitive combat.

You fight your way through linear battles and scenarios watching some well-made cutscenes that just have bad voice-acting and you square off against dub. I bought opponent set or sometimes really easily exploitable there’s reasons enough to play through you know the campaign is organized into three chapters with the different factions you get more bonuses for replaying on harder difficulties those bonuses can tie over to multiplayer but other than some occasionally challenging and cool boss fights.

The campaign is just a breeze that you’ll forget in about a week at the very least though. It does acclimate you to the ins and outs of the combat systems and classes enough to really strengthen you when you head into multiplayer which is the real bread-and-butter and definitely where the game will definitely win some and lose many for Honor’s multiplayer combat is ambitious.

I can say that you know it’s no Bushido blade. It’s not quite a mountain blade because what it sets out to do is very specific the combat aims for some realism in terms of weight striking movement and bounce but it also feels distinctly like a video game. It still has an air of arcade eNOS to it. I enjoy it because it’s fairly simple but there’s still a steep steep learning curve it’s challenging and mastering every character type definitely takes time the combat at times feels really skilled base and that’s refreshing and honestly surprising well there’s a multitude of game modes it’s the first multiplayer in a long time where I love to jump right into 1v1 matches that’s where the combat shines.

The overall multiplayer selection map has this ongoing faction war that you can participate in it gives the game kind of like a meta game that’s competitive and cool. If you care I don’t really care about those things too much but it’s another thing to possibly sink your teeth into to level up and work towards leveling up in the game gives you customizable loot and points to spend and there’s a surprisingly deep level of customization here that does manage to feel rewarding.

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