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All You Need To Know About “Battlefield 4”

by Nexx

Battlefield 4 even 8 years later has a huge player base of committed players looking to play the game every day it’s definitely one of the best in the franchise and it really nails the sandbox feeling but the battlefield fanbase has come to love over time. It’s a good blend of everything battlefield and with all the content and unlockables you could want you could literally play the game for years explaining why people are playing battlefield 4 in 2021.

Maybe because of one of the most content heavy battlefield games in the franchise and it definitely shows even seven years later all the DLC modes and maps are still played and many people still enjoy them fondly there are many classics brought back from other battlefield titles and newer maps specific to battlefield 4 including favorite favorites like siege of Shanghai and Goleman railway not only is there a lot of maps.

The amount of unlockables in the game is just ridiculous you can spend lots of time grinding to get all the weapons and their attachments and never get bored because of the sheer amount of new combinations to drive trust me if you’ve never played this game you’ll have content to play and build on for years and I mean years to go battlefield 4 graphically and even to today’s standards is quite impressive.

The graphics were ahead of their time and on the ultra preset this game is stunning even the more toned down console releases we’re quite impressive visually but there are some areas where the game falters to today’s standards server performance can take a hit due to the fact that DICE do not host the service for this game their player owned. Operated and while definitely sometimes an advantage.

It can come with its downfalls the pinyon connection can take a hit because the game doesn’t have official servrs and on top of that this game has slow tick rates resulting in sometimes being hit when behind the walls and causing delays and hits and shooting.

It’s definitely not great to today’s standards there’s plenty of fun to be had and the amount of fun you can have makes up for the server performance battlefield 4 while not as basic as some of the other battlefield games definitely is not super difficult as long as you’re willing to put in the time to unlock certain weapons.

The game even today can be quite sweaty and many of the players have already unlocked a lot of the better guns and items in the game but that’s not to say that you can’t level up and get to the good gear and weapons you can unlock the game is also accessible in more ways than just a low skill gap it’s very accessible in terms of performance and the type of PC.

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