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All You Need To Know About “Microsoft Flight Simulator”

by Nexx

Microsoft flight simulator the prodigal son has returned flight simulator is like a really important thing to pc gaming history and this new game seems to really understand that. The original flight simulator graced computing machines in 1982 believe it or not microsoft flight simulator 1.0 for ibm pcs so fast forward to then flight simulator x last generation that lasted for a long time these games. If you can call them games last for a long time and have bustling communities and support you know flight simulator always becomes more of a platform than anything else and I think they’re an important part of home computer history and just pc gaming culture.

Now in 2020 we have this new microsoft flight simulator once again for a new age this thing is an absolute beast man it’s just really exciting you can’t help but be interested when you see gameplay videos like ours and other ones out there you know just keep in mind this is very much still a simulator game first and foremost. We’ve been playing a review copy for the last couple of days and it’s pretty cool.

The gameplay you see here was recorded in various machines and no we’re not experts okay we don’t know much about planes but we’re having fun right out of the gate get ready for a big install you know via microsoft or steam which is where we were playing it. Which it’s nice to have the option for steam you download the game and you fire it up and it serves as a launcher to download and install a truck ton more data. it’s like a 90 gig surprise.

So make sure you have something else to go do or take care of some errands while this game gets ready but from there you adjust your graphics settings and your data settings because flight simulator streams in world data so the game warns you and gives you options.

If you want to stay connected but maybe you have an internet bandwidth cap or something like that which probably really sucks. It’s something to keep in mind now once you get up in the air and I’ll explain how you do in a little bit you immediately can experience the game’s magic it looks damn good and you float through the sky managing your aircraft sometimes there’s some wind you’re fighting against sometimes you’re high in the clouds other times.

You’re flying super low to get a glimpse of the landscape this game more than anything is just like freedom fly around do whatever you want cruise super low and fast next to the pyramids zip around the empire state building do a barrel roll. You know mess around and just have some fun or you can take it super seriously and do a super challenging flight.

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Awesome article, keep it up

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