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All you need to know about Biomutant

by Nexx

The is a THQ Nordic published game developed by small studio experiment 101. It has  been in the works for long time, like many many years and we’ve been really looking forward to it. 

Just because of the concept itself on the paper it’s an open world Kung fu sci-fi post apocalyptic RPG adventure where you can make your own little rocks and raccoons type characters and you tear it up and customise stuff ride vehicles and basically do any thing and kill stuff.

I’ve been playing it for about a week now and while the game does cram all those elements in here. It’s not all cohesive or successful some of it is wondrous and charming and let’s you disappear into it and other aspects of the game are just not fulfilling it at all. 

It’s not a complete disaster I’m just mixed on it so, I want to be completely upfront with you guys I don’t hate this game but it doesn’t seems like some other you tubers and the internet feel differently at the first reactions for this game are all over the place. 


So, I definitely recommend listening to more then just our post because I can see where some of the bigger complaints are coming from. But, of course, this is a gaming review, I give you some pros and some cons and some personal opinion. So, anyway let’s dive in and lay some stuff out for you. 

So, right at the start you’re dropped into the character creator where you make your own critter you’re like an anthropomorphic squirrel marsupial critter raccoon cat mutant type of thing. Sometimes kind of bat like and pick between a few different races with some visuals variations from more cutesy stuff to more gross looking dudes each has different in some of the stats like vitality.

Strength, intellect agility, charisma, resistance stuff like that but these stat points are then adjustable thanks to a cool little slider where you can choose which to prioritise. So, like there are visuals differences like move towards strength and you get bulkier give yourself a bigger head because you have higher intellect skills so I guess you have bigger brain.

Moving towards agility and you’re more skinny and obviously agile but towards agility and you’re more skinny and obviously agile but the way that you start doesn’t really matter too much because you can just level up whatever skill you want later without really looking different.


You will also be able to choose a starting resistance like resistance to heat or cold or certain contaminated areas so certain areas will give you less of a penalty then you also of course choose your class and there’s like an all-around class gun’s a melee an agility focus class a heavier class a magic class a bit of a technical class and a mercenary class.

Thats like a locked pre-order bonus which we’ve said this in another post but we’re not really a fan of them doing that but these classes are all fairly nice and varied so there’s value in trying out a few because each of them has a specific thing only it can pull off.

 But, with there being enough flexibility that you can try a little bit of everything throughout your journey your first play-through uh roll with the psionic type class which acts as kind of the mage but you could still use a gun and vice versa maybe you’re the all-around class.

 You can still unlock and try out some magic powers it’s nice because there’s a lot of fun character building you know like any action RPG. It’s about building up damage numbers and buffs and stuff sure yeah.

biomutant manual

But what’s cool about biomutant is that, you’re fairly consistently getting new actual things like perks or weird strange cool down abilities that can shake things up a little bit like think like an area effect ice blast that then makes the floor all slippery uh you could turn into a bouncy bubble and bounce around and mess up dudes around you that was kind of my favourite one just weird experimental stuff that is interesting to pursue and try out as you map them to an ability button prompt and that leads to the actual combat itself here it can be pretty fun you can dodge.

You can parry you can aerial juggle jump slice slash bash punch kick and use your guns and magic and also nail three special attacks in a row and you can access kind of like an overpowered status where you go into kung fu overdrive which is even cooler it’s a lot and the game seems to move over through most of it at least fairly well enemies are your size or much larger and some of the big guys if you stun them you can mount them and then hit them with extra damage with a cool animation using guns is pretty fun. 

They’re fast and chaotic and you can go into various like cartwheels and sideways dives max payne style and like flips while you’re shooting to make it all even more chaotic and fun there are some fairly good combos with some good combo execution feel for a little bit of extra depth too the game does have a habit of having some weird animation locks though where like sometimes you might trigger something by mistake and then the character kicks into this crazy weird animation. 

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