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All You Need To Know About Resident Evil Village.

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Resident Evil village is a direct follow-up to re7 they are continuing down the first person survival horror path only this time the action is bigger and the horror is like zanier now i’m not going to waste your time real quick village is great. It’s got some weird bits and I don’t know if it’s quite as strong or as consistent as seven but that might vary by your personal preference really more than anything but long story short if you enjoyed seven you’re probably going to enjoy this one especially thanks to some nice new surprises and some really cool moments but there’s a lot to explain.

I’ve seen through the entire campaign and start replaying it again importantly for you, and without any spoilers, I’m will be reviewing about the game and its core review. So, just one disclaimer keep in mind.

I’ve been a fan of the series since the original and this was my most anticipated game of the year. So I’m coming in it from that angle. I really liked seven, I still wish the series was third person and more resident evil lead but for the sake of argument I’m gonna put that aside and take this game in as it is. 

Anyways in this one it picks up a little while after the events of seven where the main character Ethan winters and his wife have settled down now and had a baby and as the first reveal trailer showed Chris Redfield shows up and does some things and kidnaps the baby and very quickly you’re thrust into a zany adventure in a creepy spooky village way out in seemingly the Romanian wilderness. Despite the light inspirations from resident evil 4 this feels a lot like seven in that it’s an adventure

resident evil village castle

that constantly tries to one-up itself with weirdness and horror craziness the entire time and you go from zone to zone that each feel like a different horror themed amusement park inspired by a certain type of horror trope like remember each baker family member had their own area and vibe of horror well so do the characters in village.

Now the big question I always like to answer and it’s always asked it’s been asked a lot here do you need to play all the other resident evil games.No technically but I think you should I’m gonna dad you about that but, really if you just wanna play eight you should at least play seven first think of resident evil 7 as a good jumping off point for new fans.

This is a direct sequel and although the game gives you like a 60 second previously on type video it’s not quite enough so try and find a time to play seven but anyway. 

The game centre‚Äôs around this village, it’s a collection of ramshackle buildings and plenty of secrets in the shadow of a massive castle, you venture away from the village to do cool stuff but after every big moment or clearing an area or a boss you always end up venturing back to this village and you can usually use something new that you got to get access to another small area of the village and find new secrets and stuff that this is where a lot of the meat of the game lies and that’s where its cleverness really is the main paths are pretty straightforward.

village boss

It’s more combat heavy compared to seven, Ethan is more capable and trained now and the game gives you way more in terms of ammo weapon choices and opportunity there are still moments where you can be slick and avoid some combat but for the most part you’re dumping lots of bullets into one of only a few different enemy types. The bosses are really cool but for like the moment-to-moment enemies, I wish we saw a few more they got a little boring after a while still the gun play is really satisfying.

From the feedback of the weapons to the sound of them and like even though Ethan and I guess me if you can tell by the gameplay like we’re not the best aim it’s still satisfying to blow someone back with a shotgun blaster.  Get that perfect headshot pop splatter on a werewolf charging at you at full speed. It still has somewhat of a decent survival horror feel while I think seven got the resource management like just right eight gives you some more but you still feel desperate a good amount of the time you’re constantly crafting yourself health, ammo and throwable and the sense of dread and the fear of running out of stuff is still there but it’s still not as intense pro tip I definitely recommend if you’re a veteran of the series. 

To skip standard mode or skip normal mode, I thought normal was pretty tense in seven but in eight here it’s mostly a cakewalk it’s pretty easy and I barely died. I am about halfway through my second play-through on the next difficulty up and it’s a bit more satisfying and more appropriately stressful but whatever you’re playing on it does put you in some zany over-the-top monster combat situations but they also do a couple of no combat horror moments that might actually be a bit too much for people. 

It’s fantastic other than the partial village setting the other small resident evil 4 inspiration is the merchant and the gun upgrade inventory system and all that it plays like four did you know there’s a merchant character. This guy the Duke is less mysterious and has a lot more to say and is appropriately really strange as hell but he sells the items and you use coins you pick up from defeating enemies. He can upgrade your weapons too, rate of fire, ammo capacity power think stuff like that and it’s satisfying to slowly tune your gun up just like it was in four way back. He also sells weapon attachments too and just like in other resident evil games of the past you can stumble upon a cool attachment in the environment that makes your gun way cooler, it’s very satisfying that’s what makes the exploration so rewarding here there’s collectibles and stuff like that.

village enemies

But there’s also a layer of finding areas that have little animals and then kill those animals for meat and bring them back to the duke and if you have enough he can essentially cook you a dish that improves your health or your block so there’s a lot and that’s all what makes the exploration good you know there’s some pretty big miserable areas and miscible environments and a lot of cool guns you can get in the game. This is where some of the puzzle and cleverness lies you know stuff in the environment you just need to see out the main story doesn’t really have much in terms of puzzles, unfortunately more just finding things and figuring out where to put them it’s not really a lot of thought required.

For me, the other big part of Resident Evil village, is the experience the excellent visuals some really great atmospheric sound design when there isn’t any action is where. I think actually the game does best the environment design is downright incredible dude the vistas and sights this game gives you at certain points are unlike anything. I’ve seen in a game, I wish, I could show you them all without spoiling things but I can’t the game looks really damn great most of the time also on Xbox one S. 

I think resident evil village is a lot of fun again I don’t know if it’s always going to be as strong or as memorable as seven I think you’re gonna have people that just really love seven more and some people that really love village more i still very much think this is worth experiencing if you’re a horror fan a horror game fan a new resident evil fan or an old resident evil, fan they’re still creating some really cool games.

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