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Best Samurai and Ninja Games till now

by Nexx

Through the years there have been some really great samurai slash ninja games and we wanted to talk about some of our favourites. So, here are some 10 best samurai and ninja games till now.   Quick disclaimer dynasty warrior is based on the Chinese dynasty and not samurais or ninjas, so we’re not talking about that in thus post. 

10. Naruto to Boruto shinobi striker

The game basically has the point to create your own ninja and you play in teams of four against other players online it looks very different from a lot of Naruto games in that the background are very cartoonish and really the type of game. 

Its not action adventure it’s basically a fighting game it is not the most advanced fighting game you’re ever going to play however it is incredibly fun game and it is unique in some ways it vaguely reminds me of if powers stones were much bigger like in scale but not entirely it’s incredibly fun though give it a shot.

9. Tenku stealth assassin

Which is a third person action adventure stealth game series which we’ve actually seen a couple of entries to over the years the first being stealth assassins, the second being shadows assassins the latter of which as actually developed by from software which I think is very interesting. 

The first game I  can remember playing the hell out of because it was of the better looking games which is funny when you look back on it. Now, but the second was a really interesting take on the type of formula it established, you can actually kind of see some of the fact that Sakura is a bit of descendant of tenku. In some ways in that, that the series has some bearings of influence over the formula they used in that game. 

Little harder to play these though shadows assassins was a wii game and a psp.

8. Blades of the shogun 

 I think is possibly one of the coolest ideas on this list it’s a stealth based real-time tactics game set in the Ido period of japan it’s very much like desperados. If you’ve ever played that and you have a set of heroes with different skills that you sort of have to apply to different situations, it’s I mean a really good game and like I said probably one of the more innovative ideas. 

On this list not that that automatically makes it better than every other game it’s not necessarily that but it’s certainly something unique and I love desperados so I’m sort of partial to the type of gameplay this uses it just applies it to the sort of samurai idea incredibly well at. 

7. Bushido blade 

Now, bushido blade was actually a fighting game it was a square-soft attempt at sort of creating a new fighting game franchise. Now, they did make two of them bushido blade and bushido blade two and they had a very unique damage system which did lots of different things based on where you hit somebody it had a lot of sword play.

There is actually a fair amount of exploration which is not something that you normally see in a fighting game and it took a few risks with the gameplay injecting some stuff that you just don’t normally see in fighting games, that i think both made it a very interesting and good game and also made it hard for it to succeed, because it was a bit different. 

I would say that’s not a bad thing in this game’s case and if you have the ability to go back to the playstation and give it a spin i think you’ll see exactly what I mean it’s a pretty innovative fighting game.

6. Ninja garden

The ninja garden series, uh we’re specifically talking about the new version of it not the old neo game, the new version is a hack and slash which took a fairly like cavalier attempt at the first one and then revamped.

The combat system in the second which allowed dismemberment this game is significantly less about stealth than almost any other game on this list you are a powerful ninja and you don’t care if you’re seen there is some wild crap that goes down.

When you’re seeing two and like I said it involves literally dismembering your enemies it’s also known for being a really gory game but that’s not really the reason to play it it’s just kinda cool.  

5. Neo and Neo 2

The games that let’s just go ahead and say has established a very good souls-like series that does a lot to give itself its own identity which is very good.

The first one was a bit more specific about its protagonist the second one let you actually make your own protagonist and the second one functioned as kind of a prequel for the most part, but some of it actually was post the first game story. 

The second was obviously bigger in scope as it tends to be with sequels in truth Neo 2 building on everything that the original does and kind of doesn’t mess up any of the stuff that it does right it’s exactly what you want out of this kind of a game and I’m really hoping and looking forward to if they make neo three personally.

4. Onimusha

Onimusha a game that arose out of the idea of making sengoku biohazard which would have been a resident evil game set in the sengoku period in a ninja house with swords and shrukens and all of that to me that’s like a super interesting idea and it kind of panned out I would say that onimush is a bit more of a hack and slash than resident evil, but as a series it definitely ended up being a worthwhile one there’s a lot of different titles in it.

They remastered it for ps4 recently it was one they originally started to work on for playstation and eventually moved to playstation 2. it spanned every generation of consoles since then and it’s not hard to see why who doesn’t want a game where you play as a samurai fighting demons at.

3. Samurai

The samurai an old ps2 game it’s of the action-adventure nature as are many on this list it did have a couple of sequels, but I think the most notable is probably the original personally the cool thing about it is that you can radically alter exactly how the story goes down probably a lot more so than a lot of other games in this era although it does culminate in six endings. 

which isn’t massive like a silent hill game can have that many endings still it was definitely a very high  quality title for the time it was really a good looking game like looking back on it also it just had really fun combat sometimes that seemed really silly partly because of the music which by the way is pretty much always great anyways i very fondly remember with the samurai i wish they would port that to current consoles. 

2. Sekiro : shadows die twice

Sekiro shadows die twice which is, I’ve mentioned it already talking about tenku really just a fantastic entry into the sort of souls-borne genre which incorporates a lot of tenku oriented ideas not to the point where it remakes the formula entirely but it does also give you this sort of rhythmic fighting that is very different but also not so foreign that it’s bizarre or anything.

It’s just a unique from software title in that it tries a lot of different things while not really seeming to be alien in any way it’s also a gorgeous game that really does a lot with its visuals and a lot of people consider it to be one of the if not the masterpiece of from software i’m not sure if i count myself among those but they do exist for sure and they’re loud. 

  1. Ghost of Tsushima 

Ghost of Tsushima, which I mean what else can you really say about this game, this is really just a phenomenal game, one of the biggest like most beautiful open worlds I’ve ever seen it emulates the look and feel of samurai films.

It gives you a lot of different options as to how to play, I particularly like pulling some stealth in it and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that they have actually announced there’s a new add-on that’s going to give co-op to players, who enjoy this game which is in my opinion just a phenomenal development. 

It is a specific co-op experience with class-based development of the combat system there’s both story and wave based survival missions honestly I think it’s gonna be really cool I’m  looking forward to it a lot obviously the main game itself is phenomenal and I’m excited to play any add-on to it.

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