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Long Awaited Games Coming Soon this Year

by Nexx

The last stand aftermath

Which is the follow-up to the surprisingly awesome last stand game the previous last stand game was actually a flash game believe it or not but it was a good one where your way through a zombie apocalypse a little bit more walking dead style, think abandoned neighborhoods, abandoned cars everywhere there’s a big emphasis on combat.

The weapons and the feel and just how the shooting works it’s three dimensions around you that’s incredibly satisfying when you tie that up with crafting and everything like that but judging from the looks of this one especially as an upgrade from the last game the mood and atmosphere looks top tier and especially
for a game of this genre where you wouldn’t really expect it this just looks like a good fun single player time blasts and zombies it’s gonna be on steam and it’s coming soon sometime in 2021.

The day before

From what we’ve seen of this so far not to be reductive I think the elevator pitch is essentially the division mixed with the last of us you are placed in a big realistic looking city with a bunch of other players in more of animo rpg style setting but you’re running around you’re looting you’re engaging with other players but also watching out for zombies this concept seems like a no-brainer we’re actually surprised we haven’t seen it more before.

Like the little gameplay trailers that we’ve gotten have blown us away we’re still skeptical of like how the game will actually be in motion with players messing around and doing whatever but the systems some of the combat and just the general concepts and the marriage of cool genres seems really sweet and for multiplayer folks or people who love searching grinding crafting interacting with other players this might be right up your alley right now it seems like the day before is only gonna be on pc but it is listed as coming soon.

Dying light 2

What more is there to say about this one other than that we really hope it doesn’t get delayed again and it really comes out this year despite apparently reportedly having some development issues the concept behind dying light 2 is just really sweet it takes place further after the apocalypse where new societies are kind of rebuilding around this world that is infested with zombies. Once again you’re parkouring during the day fighting off dudes and zombies and by night running away from even scarier zombies.

Dying light 2 is notable because the first game was extremely underrated probably one of the cooler zombie games ever made and it was supported really really well dying light 2 seems to take that all further with a bigger world more agency more violence more abilities and also decisions that affect the world around you we’re really curious to see how these RPG elements really tie in and come together but we think the potential is there and if this thing still is comimg soon in 2021 for all the major consoles.

Back 4 blood

This is from turtle rock studios a team comprised of many of the people behind the beloved left 4 dead games. They made evolve that was a different publisher maybe there were some issues there but from what we’ve seen and what people have gotten access to the alpha for this game back for blood seems like a return to form a return to that left for dead glory that so many people have been chasing not to mention just fans but also other game developers.

Thankfully, it is simple, it’s you and your friends cooperatively blasting a bunch of zombies and creatures and from what we’ve seen so far the violence and the blood seems cooler and amped up the weapons seem more awesome it seems like the developers are doing the right thing this time around with micro transactions and how they’re handled and we’re just really excited to see where this one is gonna go it seems pretty fully featured from what we’ve seen it’s got the cooperative campaign to bounce around in it’s got eight customizable characters it’s got the competitive multiplayer.

As you know if you’ve played left 4 dead a lot of this stuff is just really replayable and when you got a good group going these games are unmatched so we’re really really hoping the back for blood can achieve that former glory and we won’t have to wait too much longer because it’s coming soon on 5 August 2021.

We just wanted to drop it a quick mention like we said though these are all the zombie games we’re looking forward to throughout 2021 so we want to hear from you guys in the comments what you’re looking forward to playing be sure to let us know down in the comment box.

Zombie Game Dropping In 2021

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