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All You Need To Know About Red dead redemption 2

by Nexx

Red dead redemption 2 already felt like it looked like a damn miracle running on PS4 and Xbox One and now that it can use the capabilities of a modern PC there’s a lot more icing on the cake here you know draw distances are noticeably sharper not that the original game had that problem but ambient occlusion lighting and global illumination is strong across the board making certain times of day look noticeably better than on console especially like in the evening hours you can have higher resolution textures shadows and get down with some ultra wide action, if you have the type of monitor.

Now photo mode in particular really shines here in this version of the game because you can get everything so high-res so sharp so full of anti-aliasing and effect and particles and everything and you can capture some gorgeous moments in what they built here this whole world this isn’t like a crazy hot take or anything. I think every game should have a photo mode, I’m just saying.

You know we’re not digital foundry shout out to those people out there who are doing the good work. We’re just going by look and feel here and firstly I gotta say the biggest thing here is the frame rate having Red dead redemption 2 at 60 FPS or higher especially on a nice higher Refresh Rate that really is the game changer here.

I’m not usually like the frame rate snob around here but, it’s probably the best feature here the game feels and plays much much better because of it now this is kind of obvious but you’ll really notice the upgrades on like a 1440 or 4k monitor or tv that’s where some of the detail really lies. Water is more realistic effects are stronger and more believable grass is a little more lush this is an impressive PC version.

You’re gonna obviously need a beefy rig if you want to max things out for real you probably know the drill by now everything that comes with that but you know also I want to point out it’s really nice having a quicker startup the signature long load time that open world rockstar games have on consoles typically is cut in half here so long as like you have a good ssd or something now here are the system requirements just in case you haven’t seen them I’ll put them up on screen just to help you guys out there they are we’ve been playing on a build with a 2070 and then another build with a 2080.

There have been reports of people not quite getting the settings they want despite having a really good system we’ve seen reports of poor optimization our chat on the live show on the live stream and comments on videos already have people claiming the game is running very poorly on their machines. I really want to make sure we point this out because on our end we haven’t had or experienced any issues running the game at some decent settings with decent specs.

We don’t want to come across as like tone def though and not acknowledge that so we want to point out that some players are having serious issues and there might be some issues with optimization so it might be worth paying attention to if you’re thinking about buying there are also launch issues where the game either won’t boot or immediately crashes in certain situations at this point Rockstar has kind of been a little silent on it to the point where.

I think that’s bad but I expect these issues to be fixed pretty quickly because on one machine we did run into the rockstar launcher exit issue that you may have been seen making headlines today thankfully frauso that was a pretty easy fix just normal pc gaming it’s important to note though that most of the places you buy it will still make you go through rockstar’s launcher which I’m not really the biggest fan of yet it also makes you have a social club account it seems like it’s mandatory and that’s kind of annoying to log in and that stuff especially for a game I just primarily plan to play single player but that’s just me.

I think it’s just a good excuse to talk about this game reddit red dead redemption 2 and why we like it so much over here especially after months and months of time to sit on it you know red dead redemption 2 is a massive slow paced game some might actually find it a bit boring or meandering but personally. I find it a really fascinating group character study at first like a look at the decline of the wild west from the perspective of a band of rebels but people who aren’t cartoonish outlaws but are actual real people.

The game is so convincing in its character writing and acting that seeing where they end up is like the real star of the show but of course the real thing the main thing you’re spending long stretches of the game exploring completely alone as this dude Arthur Morgan. I think Arthur Morgan is a great character his starting point like the jump off point when you play the game sees him already as someone who is tired of this world but it’s all he knows he’s already tried to change but fell back in and this is where he’s at. Now he’s just doing it he can be dastardly but ultimately he isn’t the horrible person he sometimes jokes that he is unless of course you choose to play as just a complete nightmare monster which you can and that’s always fun it’s a rockstar game after all.

I just enjoyed playing as and watching someone in a wild west world that seemed believable like he might have actually been a real guy sometimes it’s harder to connect with characters portrayed in different time periods just because their world is so different than the current world we live in but I think with arthur you can actually somewhat make a connection there’s a believability there that I really like and I think the actor sold it really freaking well now what I got from his very unconventional story is a point that isn’t expressed in movies and games like this very often the importance of what you pass on as corny as that says you know some people’s lives are a result of the work others have put in that’s why as for you know most of the game as side characters John Marston and his family really round out.

Arthur’s tale and ultimately his arc very interestingly translates into their own and strengthens the original red dead redemption in the process there’s a lot to it. I think that makes it really special and the game takes its time to let you get to know every single charactert pays a lot of homage to a lot of classic movie and western setups and things you’ve seen before but does it in its own way and ultimately goes its own direction and i found to be incredibly satisfying after its conclusion it’s also just a big world filled with things to mess around in weird rock star side quests and characters there’s a lot here of course that’s just me and what i’ve taken away from this game especially after having a whole year to reflect on it but on that alone.

I’d recommend it absolutely now with red dead redemption 2 of course you also get red dead online so there’s that I thought it was some light fun at first especially the competitive stuff and the little bits of story they put into it but ultimately it never held me for the long term maybe it will for you.

I don’t know really red dead redemption 2 is like I said a solid game and I’m just glad it exists on pc now if you’re a pc fan there are some issues with some machines and rockstar clearly needs to iron out some kinks here but ultimately when it’s going you will have a gorgeous and fun game but of course, you know how this works we give you some pros some cons and some first impressions and opinions.

So now we want to hear yours down in the comments below what do you guys think have any of you hopped into this are you having issues was it something you could easily resolve is it something you haven’t resolved or have you been like us and really had you know minimal issues let’s talk about anything red dead redemption 2 down in the comments we’d love to hear you guys thoughts who played it on console.

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