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All You Need To Know About Resident Evil 7

by Nexx

I’ve been playing Resident Evil 7 non-stop just an FYI real quick most of this is early in game stuff I did the video to avoid any spoilers. I’ve been a pretty big fan for the series for all its ups and downs and there was a lot of height for Resident Evil 7. 

I’ll admit that I was actually pretty nervous but it turns out. I totally underestimated how much Resident Evil 7 is a traditional return to form to the original Resident Evil feel and formula first things first this game has a hell of an opener, like in terms of sound the atmosphere and the look the game just makes a crazy awesome first impression it just really makes it feel over-the-top like this crazy awesome horror movie and also this is where it feels the least Resident Evil. 

This is where it feels almost directly like something like Silent Hill is PT, but I will say it’s clear from the very beginning of the game and throughout the game this game where’s its influences on its sleeve some really honestly expected ones and some vibes that you didn’t really expect or thought belong to in a Resident Evil game. 

It does take a lot of is hard tropes it does manage to handle some of these horror tropes a bit, more subtly than something like how the Vil within did but it’s only a few hours into playing the game when you get deeper in it you realise that it is very much a Resident Evil game your random everyman guy Estate winters searching for his missing wife. You’re stuck exploring a derelict plantation mansion environment you know doing the Resident Evil’s and rummaging for healing items and bullets finding weird keys to open doors shooting growth monsters hiding from the Baker family there’s new group of antagonists that the game has really banked on to be these iconic villains. 

I think they fell a little short but they are still pretty cool but not the classic Resident Evil stuff are both in the forefront with puzzles and item management and just general survival horror stuff and then there’s the more subtle knobs like some references to the series and random reading material little knobs here and there like draining bathtubs and stuff like that stuff you wouldn’t really pick up on unless you were really really into the series but I think the experience here is overall very very good it’s very different.

It’s also very familiar you’ll notice I got this far without even mentioning that this time around the game is first-person which completely you know is against everything the Resident Evil has really been and I didn’t really mention it because you barely even noticed it the game the controls the atmosphere the shooting the inventory management it all feels so much like any other Resident Evil game except for six I guess that it just doesn’t really hurt. 

The game at all honestly the first-person perspective is really awesome. I grew to really like it very quickly and I barely even noticed it especially because this is the first Resident Evil game in a while. It’s actually scary is the game really scary yeah at times it can be incredibly effective.

I think it was a little overhyped but there is some good Here there’s solid jump scares that are actually done well there’s more subtle moments and little things and there’s also like those creepy distant noises and all that stuff just does a good job even when you’re just in like a quiet comfortable section and there’s just a really good mix of feeling uneasy just from the lack of items and ammunition and things you need and the actual graphics and tension and sound design in the game. 

I think that’s what makes a good survival horror game because it’s hard to design that weapon ammo and health scarcity throughout an entire game but still managing to feel somewhat fair Resident Evil 7 nailed it. I’ve seen a lot of games screw this up really badly and I’m glad that the series that ind of pioneered it can still do it really well but speaking of the game actually being scary. 

Let’s talk about VR now you can play this game entirely in VR exclusively on PlayStation VR headset. It does have its flaws but it does work for this situation incredibly.

Well it’s not all good I do have my complaints but I do want to gush about the environment design here I love the look of course because it’s very different it’s in Louisiana it’s a very different style but it’s still managed to feel resident evil with the weird moonlight streaming through the trees that the boarded shutters the wind blowing the Ravens cawing in the background it all just works and it’s all detailed. It just makes you want to explore these environments from half the bottom

Actual combat itself is very fight or flight based you do have enough ammunition to sometimes work your way through encounters and aiming is actually surprisingly good considering you’re being pitched as the everyman guy who has no combat experience after a while it gets pretty easy to pull off headshots and stuff it’s just more the enemies are very tricky and the way they move but between the anxiety-inducing combat and inventory management. 

It just feels really really good and it just makes for some honestly compelling gameplay not to mention, the bosses here they’re not really perfect but the way a lot of them revolve around the Baker family is cool it’s different. 

It’s Resident Evil trying something new here and while it doesn’t always completely knock it out of the park you gotta give them credit for it there are some really scary moments with these characters and then there’s also some surprisingly just straight-up Resident Evil with the boss battles  that I’m not going to spoil my biggest cons with the game are first and foremost combat it’s actually emphasised a bit too much at points.

I just found towards the end of the game combat encounters being way higher than anything in Resident Evil. In this type of game the way this game is designed should really have you know my other criticism is that the puzzles in the game aren’t really even puzzles most of it is really just searching for things and finding things and figuring out where to put them but it’s all pretty telegraphed and very easy it’s really just key based there’s not a lot of actual cryptic puzzles.

I think I can count on one hand the amount of times actually had to use my brain and critical thinking as a game that is so much of a return to form on Resident Evil I expected more of a challenge on that front because the rest of the game is really really damn challenging and that’s why I loved it so much, I was hooked on how freaking hard this game was every encounter every boss every moment to moment enemy in a hallway everything was challenging and nerve-wracking and anger inducing but I loved it it’s just a good old fashioned challenging regular video game and I like it for that now in terms of the actual Resident Evil universe.

I myself with somebody who had pictures of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine on their locker as a kid and this is what I was worried about the most with the game because honestly Lord to get a little out of control but I still really like it without spoiling anything there is an explosive ending in the game where you realise how things are connected to the main series but it’s mostly unsatisfying.

I personally think they should have just completely rebooted with this and not left it connected to the rest of the Resident Evil games and I say that as someone who loves all the weirder sides of Resident Evil lore plot thankfully on the flip side I do think the end does raise some interesting questions that I would like to see answered.

I do chalk that up as a win for them at least so if your question with the game here is replay value I’d say it has the same replay value of something like Resident Evil one two three or four there’s multiple difficulty modes you get new things to go back and play the game with after you finish it.

I finished the game in just over ten hours but length is again like any other game in the series it kind of depends on how aggressively you play that sounds short and it is short because everybody plays differently and some people could take even less time.

I know some people out there that here’s 10 hours and they’re not even going to touch the game but the way this type of game is it’s a Resident Evil game and I don’t that’s not a good justification for the short length but there is a lot of the replay-ability here and I will say and I don’t always use this argument but this time around it is definitely quality over quantity. 

Overall I do you think this is a very good game you should try out if you haven’t. The horror experience and best in vibe will get you thumbs and feel to the fullest. What is your thought about resident evil 7, let us know down in the comment below, it really means a lot. 

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