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All You Need To Know About “Apex Legends”

by Nexx

Apex legends nothing is a nice surprise video game launch apex legends is a game that was announced on monday and is already available it’s a free-to-play game so yeah, that means it’s free I gotcha but still it’s another battle royale game one with a title that is a little bit forgettable. If you’re one of the people screaming from the stands about how you’re sick of the genre of battle royale.

I totally get it don’t play this one but if you do still care you probably do because this one is from respawn the developers behind the titanfall series titanfall 2. I got it was criminally underrated it was really awesome so what they basically done here is taking the core movement and flow and shooting of on foot titanfall stuff and put it into a smaller scale battle royale game with a few more twists on the genre and it’s pretty fun it’s pretty simple the content is somewhat light and it does have the usual free-to-play trappings.

Well on the surface it looks like it plays like a call of duty some movement differences and the time to kill shake things up quite a bit it’s freaking butter smooth and the momentum of getting a good downhill slide into a jump and a shotgun blast makes the game feel almost like a modern FPS mixed with a bit of the glideriness of tribes.

This is titanfall without the titans or mechs the core gameplay really holds up again it’s a battle royale game. It’s set after titanfall 2 and it focuses interestingly enough around hero characters that are kind of mercenaries in the world. You’re not like a weird skin or a generic military man you choose one of a few characters each with their own personality playstyle abilities and of course a specific role overwatch comes to mind yeah playing your role isn’t as super essential as something like overwatch.

The differences aren’t as drastic but it still makes all the difference and feels like a hell of a good idea to include in a battle royale game especially since it’s squad based you drop in attached to two other players and the idea is to roam the map and avoid the of course ever shrinking circle the map isn’t as big as something like a pub g map but it’s filled with 60 players and if you drop in a safe zone sometimes it’s a while before you see anyone that’s usually how it goes for battle royale.

Guns ammo armor and weapons attachments there’s a lot that I like here most notably ease of use improvements from attachments auto equipping and also auto equipping when you switch a weapon the inventory menu is pretty simple and easy to navigate quickly and there are only so many button presses needed for this stuff. It’s designed to pretty much know what you want to do. I like the way armor types work they of course are colored with different levels of quality and rarity.

It’s really important and actually drastically affects time to kill not only that if your scoring hits on an enemy a little indicator will flash letting you know that you’re chewing through their specific armor which is pretty nifty now I will say there is a lot of extra stuff to pick up and use different types of stimulants multiple types of grenades and boosters and stuff and I just found a lot of them getting in the way I feel like there’s a bit too much stuff.

Gameplay it all just makes for a cut and dry fun battle royale game combat at close quarters is fun and crazy thanks to the quick movement and extremely generous like slides and jumps so far it’s performed really well matchmaking with friends and randos. It’s all been totally fine plus the characters interestingly enough are actually pretty interesting and somewhat memorable.

I’ve played a lot of games where they try and make iconic characters stick I’m looking at stuff like law breakers where they tried and almost kind of over designed characters to the point where like you just didn’t really care. I feel like some of the characters here have just enough personality to really kind of make them stand out I’m curious to see how that works in the long haul though because back when overwatch first came out.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would care about those characters. It looks like I was totally wrong but lastly I do wish there was like a solo mode you could break away from your team when you’re dropping in but the emphasis is still always there it’d be nice to have the option not to be chained to others maybe in like a completely separate mode.

I also really enjoy the map in apex legends but in certain spots it feels unnecessarily large because almost every encounter was in the actual little locations not out in the open. I think that’s where the titanfall combat style excels anyway so I kind of just want more emphasis on pushing people into those locations other than that you know it’s free to play so I’d say if you enjoy or still have any interest in the battle royale genre download it and check it out I kinda always say that with games that are free.

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