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Top 10 Free Games For All Platform “2021”

by Nexx

When you don’t have to pay to play sometimes the games aren’t great however some of them are absolutely fantastic. Let’s focus on those the best free to play games in 2021 lets start off.


Company rogue company is of course a third person shooter it is objective based you have different types of modes for instance extraction which is a 4v4 mode. It’s a little bit like CS Go except for with hacking instead of a bomb there’s demolition which is a lot like cs go but on the other hand this game doesn’t really play a lot like CS go.

First off you skydive from aircraft at the beginning of every round and you earn money from both killing other players as well as completing various objectives use that money to upgrade stuff and the gameplay is a lot of fun honestly.

It’s also got visuals that weirdly remind me of like old tony hawk games it takes advantage of the third person shooting with diving and it’s really genuinely a very fun game real company is out now for playstation 4 switch xbox one and microsoft windows.

Spell Break

Is just a delightful third-person class-based spell casting battle royale game. Now, I’ve pretty much described everything you need to know about it right nowlike there’s just not a lot of Fantasy-Oriented battle royale.

If really anything and a lot of what you can see here is very oriented towards what I might call a game that looks like a fantasy game has a couple of ideas that are a little reminiscent of prototype in the way that you’re moving around and has a ton of really awesome spells.

The visuals obviously are meant to evoke sort of a cartoon breath of the wild avatar last airbender thing and it does a great job I really enjoy this game it is really worth your time spellbreak is out on Playstation 4 Xbox one Nintendo switch and Microsoft Windows.

The Haunted

Playstation 1 demo disc which came out on Itch.Io and is basically like a collection of weird kind of horror games that could have existed in the 90S. Now none of these are like big games or anything they’re not like tens of hours long or anything like that but it’s this fun throwback to how you used to try out games back in the 1990s.

You had to get demo discs which usually came with magazines which was really actually very cool every month you would have a ton of new games to play and you could sort of keep up with you know what might be interesting to play in full in the coming months obviously none of these games are going to be quote-unquote full games at least that.

I’m aware of but it’s absolutely one of these cool kind of creepy pasta inspired goofy weird actually kind of scary things.

Unfortunate Spacemen

A Co-Op game that a lot of people just call Among Us with guns and it works in truth it’s also like kinda cooler I wouldn’t say among us with guns. I’d more say among us for dead and if that sounds interesting to you it’s a very well executed concept it’s also intended to evoke some of the creepiness of dead space there’s a shape-shifting monster who is played by one of the players and as the shape-shifting monster eventually kills everyone you’re supposed to of course end it like it very much is a lot like among us however.

It’s obviously more action oriented and for some people that’s just gonna be better for me among us is kind of not quite what it needs to be it’s close but I actually like unfortunate spaceman a little bit better.

It’s not one to one the same thing again there is guns it is in kind of a dead spacey type space station thing it’s a cool game though. I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.


This is a very different take on a football game in my opinion billing itself is a fast paced fusion of sci-fi and arcade style american football meaning hey you like the idea of combining science fiction with NFL Blitz.

I love NFL Blitz, I’m not even really a big football fan but back in the day NFL Blitz was something, I played the absolute crap out of and while this is definitely not a one-to-one.

It’s not the exact same thing it is really fun like this is a game I think that just landed hard it is in early access of course and it has a ways to go but it’s something that it’s different.

It’s very fresh this is I mean in my opinion more fun than most the quote-unquote good football games it’s definitely a different take it’s seven versus seven. Honestly I kind of wish that games like this were given more of a chance again it’s out in early access now it’s got a passionate community and there’s a lot of people playing it. I would definitely say give it a shot


Interesting and kinda ready player one-ish first-person battle royale. Now when I say ready player one-ish. I mean without all of the bs like you don’t get a bunch of like franchises and stuff what.

It’s like that an interesting feature that was included is the idea that viewers on twitch actually are able to have some form of input basically through. The match various things can change viewers watching the game on twitch can vote on those things like some of them are cheat like basically infinite ammo type stuff showing all the enemies on the minimap etc.

Some are more mod like like low gravity mode but they definitely vary up the gameplay a lot add this stuff up and the fact that it’s a really cool looking game that’s kind of specifically designed for twitch in a lot of ways.

You obviously don’t need to be a twitch streamer for it to be fun hyperscape is out on playstation 4 xbox one and microsoft windows it will be landing on xbox series x and playstation 5 as well.

Fantasy star online 2

An action RPG that well is not something. I really expected to see land in this country but wouldn’t you believe it that’s exactly what it did the original dreamcast fantasy star online was one of the few online rpgs and definitely like the first online console RPG and weirdly enough the sort of underlying ideas all sort of hold up it is a bit of a unique setup that would take much longer to describe than a few seconds however they’ve done a lot in giving you a lot of player choice as for his play styles and weapons.

It is narrative based set in space you’re going out and looking to see if there’s good planets to colonize I mean it’s not a complex story really at least at its core but it is a lot of fun it’s out on windows and xbox now.

Gentian impact

Just an absolutely beautiful action RPG on an open world map where you basically have different elemental attacks and look like an anime character and how could you possibly not want to play.

It if you’re a fan of JRPG it also kind of looks like breath of the wild a little bit if brother the wild were way more anime really the main attraction here is the combat system in my opinion it’s very unique you can play the game single player two if you want there is more than a little bit to do whether you’re doing it either way.

I think this is a game that manages to be kind of like breath of the wild kinda like grand theft auto and incredibly like an anime like it looks so much like an anime and I mean that in the best possible way gentian impact is out on windows playstation 4 android ios and it will be out on switch sometime in the near future.

Call Of Duty Warzone

A free to play battle royale version of call of duty that both comes with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and also can be got in basically the normal way it is basically everything you would expect of a call of duty battle royale it’s that tight honed call of duty gameplay in a large-scale battle to the death.

I think it works really well especially given the fact that it’s pretty big there’s 150 players in any battle royale situation and if you’re looking for something even bigger than that even though that is much bigger than your typical there are non-permanent modes that crop up from time to time which support of 200 players probably my favorite aspect of it is dying does not automatically kill you.

It sends you to the gulag where you end up fighting with another player and whoever wins actually gets to respawn. I think that’s actually a really clever addition to the battle royale formula and it doesn’t just limit you to the battle royale there is 50 versus 50 deathmatch.

It’s called warzone rumble and there’s a few other modes as well honestly it’s just a really good free-to-play first-person shooter it’s out on playstation 4 xbox one and microsoft windows.


I played the hell out of valorent I’ve easily played it more than any of these other games and it is not as complex as some of them Valerian is if CS go had elements of overwatch where you have different heroes you do have teams you have different abilities these things are there.

However it really plays out like CS go you have to take a bomb call the spike in this game to the other team’s base set it up set it off or you can just kill all of them.

Generally, I found that this is a really chill game despite being very competitive most of the time the community is pretty good I have had run-ins with crappier people but show me a game where that doesn’t exist truthfully.

I really enjoy valerian it is a fantastic game it continues to grow. I just wish it would show up on more platforms I’d like more people to have the opportunity to enjoy such a fun competitive game

If you played any of these games enjoyed your time with them leave us a comment let us know what you think.

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