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All You Need To Know About “Playstation 5”

by Nexx

The way we start just like with the xbox like let’s talk about the design of the hardware itself I personally was pretty skeptical but the playstation 5 it looks way better in person it’s got a strong presence man. It’s like a very clean black and white with strong lines the lighting is just enough and it just looks cool you know is it a bit obnoxious or flashy maybe to some is it a bit cheesy depends who you ask. It’s just sleek and bold and weird sort of like a futuristic car. It’s also a massive boy here are some dimensions if you need to measure near your tv but we really like the attention to details like the playstation logo cutout and the microscopic controller button logos making up some of the texture on the console itself.

It just makes the thing feel really premium from far away it might look like a toy but up close the playstation 5 looks really really nice while the Xbox series x kind of is low key and designed to just disappear into your living room. The playstation 5 is like the complete opposite now on the practical side the console does come with a stand that can easily be installed for a vertical or horizontal stance it’s conveniently designed to store the extra little screw and it shifts nicely to the side even though I gotta say the stand itself does feel like cheap plastic now just two small nitpicks about the console and this is just personal preference of course not the biggest deal but number one the glossy black is a fingerprint magnet and really a dust magnet even after like a day of use and number two the stand in the horizontal position.

Just doesn’t feel great it seems unreliable I honestly don’t really trust it very happy to have a stand included in the box and not have to pay extra for it but it could be better now let’s talk about the dual sense controller this is the biggest redesign the dual shock controller has seen pretty much in forever first the general design the controller is definitely a bit hardier you know it’s weightier and just larger in the hand generally the controller feels really nice and expensive the buttons to the left and right of the touchpad for like start and share they have like a way nicer press to them now and the triangle square circle x buttons look a bit different but feel pretty much the same which is a good thing there’s still a little speaker and there’s a built-in microphone too although.

We haven’t used this too much and see ourselves honestly not using it and opting for something else but it’s there in a pinch and I guess now you can’t lie to people that you have no mic now the subjective thing that will come down to your personal preference though is the actual feel in the hand. I found it to feel a bit bulkier in spots and not in a way that I wanted it feels needlessly larger than a dualshock 4 in a way that I think just detracts from the ergonomics but again that’s my personal opinion it might change over time I might get more used to the controller or maybe you’ll like it right away. I don’t know don’t get it twisted though this controller is still great especially when you talk about the features first of all vibration is improved.

It’s now focused way more around haptic feedback style features there’s a lot of subtleties and differences to the vibrations and if you’ve ever played a nintendo switch and experienced hd rumble it’s kind of like that but the biggest thing is the adaptive triggers these were hyped up pre-release and in early reviews and I now believe after using them that they’re like totally worth the hype essentially like for different games. The triggers can replicate a resistance meaning different games can have the triggers feel and pull differently for different situations so like think maybe you’re playing like a first person shooter like call of duty cold war aiming down the sights with a rocket launcher will feel like a bigger pull of the trigger than just pulling it to aim a pistol and then with the other trigger.

It’s easy to pull the trigger sometimes it’s harder to pull the trigger and they always feel different and so far. It’s been really cool play astros playroom. It’s like the free game you get with playstation 5 and I thought it was going to be like a dumb littletech demo but man. It is really fun and nostalgic platformer not super long but it really does demonstrate the dual sense capabilities very well seriously take the time to play it you might be surprised now the biggest concern with those fancy controller features is battery life of course but so far. We haven’t seen cause for concern astro definitely drains.

It the fastest but normal gaming sessions have outperformed the life of the previous dual shock already and this is even just first impressions the biggest question is you know how many developers are going to take advantage of these triggers and features long term it has to be programmed on the game side the developers have to choose to implement all these cool controller features so yes first party exclusive sony made games like the next god of war will definitely use these features but with some other random game we have to wait and see. I still remember I never forget I loved the touchpad when the playstation 4 controller first launched and it just was never utilized enough and never lived up to the true potential now the actual things you’re playing on it real quick I’m focusing on the hardware but like with the xbox.

I still want to take a moment to talk about the games because that’s important. I think playstation does have a leg up here thanks to some exciting launch games miles morales is just awesome straight up love me some spider-man games love playing the ps4 remastered one here they added the puddles back in so the gamers have one yes technically you can get miles morales on ps4 but still demon souls is also incredible it’s the game you expect.

It looks insane bug snacks is also a thing although we haven’t tried that one yet playing older games on it seems to work fine with what we’ve tried although we’ve seen a few examples of minor issues on social media but we did it with ghosts of sushima tony hawk’s pro skater the last of us part two and it was good so with some exciting new stuff and maybe some stuff to catch up on that might look a little better now there is enough to keep you busy game wise although. I gotta say man like new generation game prices that sony is charging is kind of rough after tax for demon souls and that that stings it’s not just sony that’s doing it to be clear it’s other publishers but yeah just saying now next the interface.

The general setup this is the stuff that really makes it feel like a new fresh console experience although I gotta admit it’s gonna take some time to get used to and I don’t know how much. I love it over the previous generations interface still the screen is simpler now icons are more up top now still your games are linearly arranged and then you can access your library towards the end it’s super clean and simple but i wish there were a few more options for customizing and organizing and there’s a separate tab that keeps your media apps like hulu and netflix and youtube and stuff this and the playstation button take some getting used to but then once you get into settings like the regular settings type screens that’s pretty straightforward and what you’re used to with playstation 4.

The share features are also nicely cleaned up and easier to take advantage of I found myself taking screenshots and organizing and putting them way more than on playstation 4 right away just because the reworked interface just makes things a bit nicer but again that’s just my experience now like I mentioned hitting that playstation button on your controller kind of works and feels much differently than you’re used to you know the first thing that pops up when you hit it is the card system a bunch of tiles that show info like a trophy you’re working towards in-game progress and hints scroll down below that and then you can access what you’re really probably looking for the option to go home to close out.

The game access your accessories or you know maybe put the console in rest mode that stuff so the card system a lot of the stuff like the hints and the picture in picture video stuff has to be implemented by developers they have to choose to use these features to their fullest extent but I think it has the potential for them to add more features. I personally don’t see myself using it as much as it stands but I think it can become more interesting over time maybe I’ll get used to it still it’s pretty slick at least the whole interface is pretty nice I did have one hard hang up crash with the whole thing but otherwise it’s lickety-split and most importantly the playstation store now loads up like a normal story you’d want to access.

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