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Top Free Games For PS4 and PS5

by Nexx

We’ve rounded up best of the very best playstation 5 titles you can get completely free of charge that’s it no strings attached whether you’re into the immersion of generation defining features or the tension of intense military operations. The madness of chaotic battle royale death matches or the beautiful expansive worlds of mmos ripe for exploration there’s something for everyone in this priceless collection of games literally priceless. Let’s dive in shall we.

Astro’s Playroom

Honestly it almost feels like stealing by having astros play room for free it’s really that good pre-installed on every playstation 5 console astros playroom is both a showcase for what this marvellous machine can do as well as just an incredibly charming moorish title seeing our little robot mate astro make his way through the various components of your very own ps5.

It’s like his house packed with collectible easter eggs from across every generation of console astros playroom is a love letter to playstation like nothing else out there and truly welcomes in the ps5 generation in the most spectacular fashion explore the frozen realms of cooling springs soar through the SSD speedway take a trip down memory meadow and chant along to the hypnotic song of GPU jungle with each area highlighting the tactile features of the dual sense wireless controller just beware the competitive black hole that is the network speed run area and prepare to lose friendships over the leaderboard as me and my colleagues can attest to the group chat has never been the same.


After cementing its status as battle royale royalty fortnite brings all the goodness of its ps4 release to ps5 and then throws a load of next-gen improvements on top to make your victory royales that much more satisfying optimized for the most impressive gameplay possible fortnite’s iconic battling is still available for free on ps5 and seamlessly brings over all your game progression to make upgrading as easy as building a giant wooden fortress in the blink of an eye at least by here that’s an easy thing to do in fortnight.

I still can’t do it moving from ps4 to ps5 is simple however play in 4k resolution at 60 frames per second to see fortnite‘s dynamic physics at their most beautiful drop into matches at lightning fast speed perfect for outrunning a storm and feel the kick of every weapon thanks to the dualsense wireless controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers getting no scope from across a map has never felt so good.

War thunder

For those that like their fighting on wheels wings or water war thunder brings a heavy hitting dose of free-to-play mmo combat to ps5 with 32 players split across two teams players participate in combined battles in a game of war strategy and combat action making for intense competitive gameplay.

War thunder is the best in comprehensive military battling and prides itself on its roster of machines with which you can tear up your opponents across a range of maps highlighting famous battle sites throughout history seriously there are over 1900 different aircraft naval vessels and ground units from pre-world war ii to present day painstakingly crafted from real life sources meaning you can mix and match your gameplay with a host of vehicles for the perfect battle setup.

Cuisine Royale

Entry the game formerly known as cuisine royale is back and badder than ever as the newly titled cursed foad or cuisine royale second edition fulfillment of all desires for those of us to abbreviations and fulfill desires.

It does particularly those that involve battle royal goodness peppered with realistic weapons custom underwear and mystic superpowers.

It really does have it all a bunch of hero characters are drawn into a deadly survival game in cursed forced to fight to the death until one survivor reigns victorious in gameplay terms 30 players choose their hero to represent and battle their way to the center of a picturesque map out running the dark zone closing in from the edges collecting weapons and using powers its survival of the fittest at its most chaotic with zombies beastly transformations and teleporting all a part of the fun.

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