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5 new video games in August you should think about trying

by Nexx

12 minutes

We’ve been seeing more games recently about time loops death loop is a big one but that’s big 3d it’s an arcane game. It’s coming in september 12 minutes is actually a much smaller much more intimate affair in which a man finds out his wife is pregnant a police officer comes in accuses the wife of killing your father and the police officer ends up killing her.

The unborn child time then resets you retain all the knowledge and from that point you’re supposed to attempt to find the best outcome in order to beat the game now it’s only a 12 minute loop but the game is apparently going to be somewhere between 6 and 8 hours.

Plays out like a point-and-click adventure game it’s top down it is actually a pretty good looking game considering that it’s literally just in a single apartment from a single camera angle and honestly to me.

It seems like a really intriguing concept that could end up playing out very well. I’m interested in it and I will definitely be playing it when it comes out on microsoft windows xbox one and xbox series XMS on august 19.

Lone echo 2

The sequel to the VR adventure game where the goal is to move around a zero gravity environment by grabbing and pushing and using physics in a vr environment. It’s really actually very cool and basically you have to solve various puzzles etc.

The plot by somehow time traveling the main characters to a space station 400 years in the future where the biomass that they encountered in the first game has evolved into like little bugs basically you have to solve the mystery of an abandoned space station.

I think that it’s kind of funny because it mirrors a lot of like these you go to an abandoned place and find out what happened way back except for you’re probably actually from a long time before the events that you’re investigating imagine if isaac clark was like a 1990.

Inventor guy who time traveled forward to the ishimura and found out that in the past but in his future there was some kind of horrible incident on this ship what’s interesting to me is the possibility that that is also perhaps part of the plot my fingers are crossed lone echo 2 is coming to oculus rift on august 24th.

Ghost of tsushima directors cut

Now you know goes to tsushima as a fantastic open world action adventure stealth tour de force at this point I really doubt that I have to tell you anything about what ghost of tsushima.

I do have to tell you that the director’s cut includes a new story that takes place on new locations on Icky island essentially Jin arrives on the island it’s ruled by a mongol shaman and you have to learn about things to keep your people safe this is more about jin sakai the main character’s past and where he’s coming from in the main game and is being described as a story of healing on the official playstation blog.

But really what I’m interested in is just spending more time in ghosts of tsushima they’re actually including a lot of options for ps4 and ps5 mobility if you’re upgrading on the ps4 to the director’s cut it’s 1500 bucks.

If you’re upgrading from the ps4 to the ps5 to get the directors cut it’s 1500 bucks if you buy the director’s cut on ps4 and want to upgrade to directors cut on ps5 that’s 800 bucks and you can buy it for 4450 bucks for ps4 or 5250 bucks for ps5 all of that lands on august 20th.


A 4x historical turn-based strategy game that is probably going to give you civilization vibes it’s essentially you building a human civilization across six major eras.

The idea is to expand society develop cities conquer you know the whole 4x thing. Now it’s published by sega but it’s developed by amplitude and their city building is actually going to be following the model from endless legend.

If you’re familiar with that essentially they regard this as like a big jump over endless legend and endless space calling it their magnum opus and saying it wouldn’t have been possible had sega not acquired the studio it’s been delayed a little bit for polishing and I think that that’s not a bad thing it looks like it has the potential to be a really big interesting game that might actually take on the civilization series.

I don’t know it would be cool to have more than one game in that genre dominating everything we’ll see though when it comes out on august 17th.

Rims racing

A game that the developer race word studio labels a completely new approach to the motorcycle simulation game experience now one of the big things that has people talking about this game is the extensive customization options like we’re of course very aware of motorcycle simulation games.

We see customization down to like brake fluids you can swap out almost any part. I have found in doing research into this game a direct quote from raceword is that players are able to fully disassemble their motorbike and replace every element to achieve the best possible setup by choosing over 500 official components from tires to disks to pads suspension air filters etc.

It’s also a very pretty looking game honestly a lot of really nice reflections. I’ve seen in the trailer but also a lot of really cool dirt stuff all in all.

Definitely an interesting motorcycle racing game that’s coming to pc the playstations the xboxes and it’s coming on august 19th.

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