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New Game Release In July

by Nexx

Pokemon UNITE

A new, kind of different take on Pokemon coming to us, not just from The Pokemon Company, but jointly being developed with TiMi Studios. That’s one of Tencent Games‘ internal studios if you’re wondering. Basically, the premise of “Pokemon UNITE” is a five-on-five team battle situation. Basically, you have to cooperate with teammates to not only do the typical catching and leveling up and evolving a Pokemon, but you’re also defeating Pokemon during the course of the battle. This is all free to start, so obviously, the monetization model includes some kind of paywall at some point in the game. But it does introduce something new.

There’s a strategic element that just isn’t present when you don’t have multiple people playing at once, so it’s gonna require a lot more coordination, which is just not something that we’ve really had in Pokemon, at least not on this level. The genre they’re calling “Pokemon UNITE” is a strategic team-battle game. It is gonna be cross-platform as well. You’ll see it on not only the Nintendo Switch, but also on mobile, sometime during the month of July.

Monster Hunter Stories

It continues the type of gameplay that was established but gives us an all-new, standalone story, and, to be frank, I like that a lot. The turn-based RPG set in the world of “Monster Hunter” with an almost completely different aesthetic with a bunch of various mechanics we’ve seen in a lot of different monster-oriented RPGs just does a great job of being fun as hell, and I can’t wait for more stories set in that world with this style of gameplay. I actually prefer JRPGs, the old turn-based kind, to the big Western style type of RPG, and while I certainly do like that type of game, it’s nice to see some attention given to an older genre in the form of “Monster Hunter Stories 2.”

Honestly, I have a hell of a lot of fun with this game. I’m very much looking forward to playing the sequel. It’s coming to PC and Switch on July 9th. And finally,


A survival-horror RPG with a non-linear sci-fi story set in Chernobyl. Now, this is a game that’s been out in early access on PC for a while, and combines aspects of “Fallout,” “Metro,” and the “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” series. In fact, you’ll probably notice a little bit more “Metro” than the other two, but that being said, there’s a little flourishes that remind you of all these series.

On top of that, that story is actually really well done and really makes a lot of use of the setting. Chernobyl is just a fantastic setting for a video game, and it’s utilized really well. The game is finally coming out of early access on July 28th, while later in the summer, it’s gonna be landing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s eventually hitting all consoles, and to be frank, it does a very good job at all of the things that it does. They don’t have details on PlayStation 5 or Xbox X and Series S, just that they are gonna be doing it, so we will be paying close attention.

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