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If you owns any iPhone or any Apple products, and love gaming ? There is lots of game which are free and fun to play with. There are variations of games with different types of categories. Action, adventure, role playing, strategic and horror.Without having any prise tags we are counting down best free games for iOS / any Apple product. 

  1. Sky

If you fan of best views and generic graphics then this is the best bet you can sure do. The beautiful views and breathtaking designs will make you relax. The game give you feeling of refreshment and adventure. Having the taste of graphic and perfect blend of sound will make you feel exited.

The game is about the child which is mainly is sort of candle. In his world the child has to travel different places to find different consultations of stars. Having the functions of multiplayer and allowing you to play with friends will make things easier and lonely. The game provides smooth controls with make the player do task easier. If you love to have an adventure with outlying world view then give this game a shot, you will enjoy it. 

2. Dadish

The colourful 3D game with an awesome adventure level development, dadish has came to its certain level. The game has pixelated environment the more level you cross the more harder it gets in different levels. The more high level you go the more tuff level gets. Playing this game is quite addictive and fun, with its conversions and it’s simple story line give smile in your face.

The game is about the radish named Dadish, who search for his lost sons. On account to do the task the dadish has to face many engaging stages. The game becomes harder and harder when your finish 10th level. In every 10th level there boss waiting you and begin the there is your radish son. Controls of the game is better for movement and giving direction is smooth. The game has best engagement of concept. Try Dadish will engage you and best for offline time killing game.

3. Asphalt : 9 legends

Racing game with astonishing graphic. The game needs no intro, the 9th sequel to asphalt you you wanna run full power of your phone then this is the one you should bet on. Giving you access to multiplayer mode, you can actually play with your friends and have a race with them. There is a range and huge variety of licensed cars. 

The game is all about racing and earning more and more flags to play more events. Unlock the to explore more events and more racing courses. Having a detailed great graphic gives you various beautiful views. The controls of game is buttery smooth and cars has detailed design makes you to have more and more car. It’s a racing game with outstanding gameplay and remarkable graphics it’s the game you should bet on!!

4. Dan the man

If you Love adventure with dope storyline then it’s the game you should try. It’s the 3D game with colourful design, the game has pixelated environment and its has penalty of stages. The game contains many fight, action and adventure concept in the game. Being as a main character Dan you have ranges of action moves and lots of battles.

dan the man game

The game is about evil organisation and it’s huge army forces who cause suffer to villagers. Dan is the one who ride and revolt and stands up to fight evil corporation though the game. The game has multiplayer mode but only in survival mode, the game becomes intense when you unlock the Dan’s fighting abilities. The controls for the game is smooth and best designed for fighting, if you wanna have adventure with action try the Dans power, you will not regret it.

5. Call of duty mobile

Best survival game with extra packages of graphics. This game give you premium look with vast variety of playing modes, it’s allows multiplayer within every mode which means you can enjoy every mode of game with your friends. Allowance of mic is giving the extra opportunity to help out the strategy and communicating with the friends in real time while playing game. 

The game has many different mode which is battle royal, death match the popular once. Call of duty has extra weightage of graphics which makes every view detailed and feel premium. The controls of the game is great and is best according to shooting, or you can customise the controls by editing your own style to play. Over all the game is amazing and is best to play for battle royals till now. 

6. Roblox 

The which has adventure within the game. Roblox has many variations and modes for playing the game in many ways. There is everything that you wanna play. The total variation mode of game is over 40 and has different features and different concepts. Playing roblox is playing whole other platform where there is different games. 

robolox game

The games is all about adventure and playing endlessly as you like. There is battle royal in pixelated form, the city play and many more games to play. Roblox provides multiplayer function which allows player to connect and connect play with friends as they like in any category. It’s the game in which there is many games, the controls system runs smoothly and designed best to play for, give it a shot it’s worth it.

7. Pokemon go

Another adventure game with real life addiction. Pokemon go comes with the formate of travelling and fitness in real life. There are some concerns about the safely and observation in real life movements. Try to concentrate on the road and vehicles around and you are good to go.

The game presents vast maps in which you need to set corse and try to collect all the Pokemon in the game. Upgrading more and more Pokemon will make you stronger and have higher chances of winning more battles. It has multiplayer too which allows gamers to play with friends and have a battle together and play together with other friends. It’s all about travelling to places to get more and more Pokemon. If you wanna play an adventure game which is related in real life then you should try on Pokemon. And be safe while playing the game.

8. Among us

The game which is full of suspense and full of betrayal is among us. The 3D game with an intense gameplay, among us brings fulfil to its taste. The visual is basic and there are many maps in the game. The game provides multiplayer feature in which players can actually play with friends and there is rooms too, to host separate game of your own. 

The game is all about the spaceship in which all the players are gathered, one or two of the members (according match you select) try to kill and dis function the spaceship. You need to identify and make them kick out of the ship. With simple voting system the members decides whom to kick and whom to stay. The member who receive majority of the vote will be kicked out of the space ship.

9. Brawl stars

Wanna dive into series of action pack frontier, then it’s the game you wanna have. Brawl star is a great game having many modes and maps you can select many variations of brawls and select one and play with them. Each of the brawl has special ability and with the ability players can upgrade their favourite brawls. 

brawler game

The game is all about brawl and it’s missions if complete the missions then you receive coins and boxes of card for brawl. There is different types of modes which include battle royal, death match, and some other match including death football match. The controls of the game is surprisingly smooth and good. It’s has multiplayer system too to enjoy at the fullest in the game. The game is lining forward more and more. If you wanna have fun with friends at the action pack death match then it’s all yours in the aap store. 

10. Clash royal 

The card game with many developed leading characters. This game has its own spot in the list, it’s just a card game to defend, and attack. It’s multiplayer game with many players included you need to attack defend and upgrade the card to improve the ability of the card.

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