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Top 5 Best Gaming Phones 2021

by Nexx

Red Magic 5g

It is one of the cheapest pathways to qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor on the market right now earning it i mentioned on this list of the best gaming phones for just 42,846 Rupees. You can have a device with a high-end chipset up to 12 gb of RAM and a 6.65 inch 144 hertz amulet display with a flat design and slim bezels that are conducive to gaming a fan inside also ensures the device can run demanding titles optimally which is extremely important.

If you’re gaming for long stretches of time of course if fantastic software and camera performance is a priority for you the red magic 5g is not going to be the best fit there are currently more well-rounded handsets out there. However, they all cost more and so those who prioritize gaming and the power needed to do so but have a more modest budget would be wise to consider it.

If you want a high-end android phone for a bit less than what most high-end handsets cost and you want peak performance for gaming without sacrificing on other amenities like design and camera quality.

Oneplus 9 pro

Is a well-rounded proposition and a worthy recommendation the oled display on oneplus lattice flagship measures 6.7 inches and packs a 1440p resolution making the screen sharp as well as colorful. The oneplus 9 pro rises towards the top of our best gaming phones list because of its dynamic 120 hertz refresh rate which makes for a remarkably smooth experience for the games that support it like fortnite even the touch sampling grad is boosted to 360 hertz thanks to oneplus new hyper touch technology giving you the instant response you need to claim victory.

Of course the oneplus 9, 4 succeeds in many other ways it lasts long on charge and supports faster wide and wireless charging than most other devices out there it features four cameras on the back which are now genuine rivals for the phones on an iphone or galaxy phone thanks to help from serious camera maker hasselbal and the oneplus 9 pro has phenomenal software that actually adds some useful mess to android 11 as well as handsome and easy to navigate user interface with a 60hz screen and just 6 GB of frame you might initially record from gaming.

Iphone 12 Pro Max

Thanks to apple’s a14 bionic chipset which still outpasses the snapdragon 864 plus in the Rog phone 3 even with half of the red you also have to consider that a number of premier flagship mobile titles arrive on ios 1st or through the apple accredit subscription program which offers a hand-picked selection of quality games that are not offered elsewhere and they all look and run absolutely dazzling on the iphone 12 pro max 6.7 inch oled display even at a pedestrian 60 hertz it’s also worth pointing out that the iphone 12 pro max is a supremely well-rounded headset in area spawn gaming x-link in particular with its camera quality lengthy battery.

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

This phone may not look much like a gaming phone but rest assured this is one of the most powerful phones on the market with the most advanced display you’ll find that can scale all the way up to maximum of 120 hertz or down to 30 hertz or 60 hertz to match the frame rate of all the screen content but the note 20 ultra is more than just a powerful flagship it’s optimized to stream xbox titles via xbox game plus ultimate and can even cast games to external displays while samsung’s dx interface and mirror miracles whatever you play or however you play the note 20 ultra snapdragon 865 plus and 12 GB RAM will ensure a smooth experience so long as you have a stable internet connection of streaming of course you won’t find the same extent of gamer focus feature in the latest high end note as you would expect.

Like clip on external cooling fans and customizable air triggers then again if you need a powerful phablet for work as well as play there’s no choice more versatile than the note 20 ultra it’s worth mentioning that the 73,926 Rupees. 6.7 engine galaxy note 20 is a great device too though it only peaks at a 60hz refresh rate if you’re serious about your mobile games and if you don’t want to settle for anything less than the highest frame rates graphics and longest battery life.

Rog Phone 5

The ss rog phone 5 is the device you need sporting a 6.78 inch amulet display with a variable refresh rate up to a max of 144 hertz the Rog phone 5.

Screen is near flawless combined with the powerful snapdragon 888 chipset and up to 16 GB RAM it will take on any game you throw at it there is also a large 6000 mah battery with 65 volt charging which will keep you playing for long periods without having to break the recharge, the focus on gaming is a blessing and a curse though.

It means you have customizable RBG lights on the pack which will triggers button on the side and some powerful stereo speakers which all add to the experience however lackluster cameras and no wireless charging mean the phone is missing some key versatility plus that loud design may not be to your test if that isn’t enough performance for you there’s also the limited edition SS Rog phone 5 ultimate that adds more ram and storage but for most users wanting to focus on gaming above all ads
the normal watch phone 5 is the phone to go for 57,999.

Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops 2021

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