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Will Senua Saga Hellblade 2 release in Xbox gamepass on first day of release??

by Nexx

There are bunch of games which has been announced and their trailer has been dropped, regarding to their specific platform and all platforms games. Here are the list of some games which has been announced and trailer dropped which you will got to see in your hands in the near future. 

Senua saga hell-blade 2

Hell-blade 2 is without a doubt one the Microsoft’s biggest and most anticipated upcoming first party releases which is a testament to both ninja theory and its predecessor. Especially because so far we’ve only seen brief cinematic teaser for the game there are still pending though will hell blade 2 release on steam as well as the Microsoft store.

We know for sure that the game will lunch on the first day launch in Xbox game pass. And the game is in development and we will see more of the updates soon enough.

Forza horizon 5

It is really big surprise for to have a look at forza horizon 5. We know it’s a thing and it has a release date, November 9th, 2021. Its going to take place in Mexico, and it’s apparently their biggest open world yet. 

It’s using photogrammetry technology, it’s gonna have a bunch of new modes and more AI assist to kind of serve content. 

Forza horizon games are fun, accessible, great racing. And we really just excited for more of it. 

Stranger of paradise 

It’s actually spin-off to final fantasy game in action. Stranger of paradise is being developed by team ninja and will be lunching in 2022 on previous and current gen consoles and PC. 

So, it’s a soul like style game, which is cool. We love those of this types of game and besides that, we really don’t have too much info other then that there is a timed demo out there that you can play. It will only available for limited time which is until June 24th. So, don’t wait too long to play.

Other final fantasy announcements includes nice remakes and re release of the original game. So, keep your eyes peeled for those. 

Resident evil DLC development has started 

We know that resident evil that Resident evil revers, the competitive multiplayer thing is now officially releasing in July and that in conjunction with resident evil village we now know that development has been officially started on resident evil DLC. 

Now, that sounds like big deal, but if you played resident evil 7 and it’s expansions, you know that they make some pretty substantial and interesting stuff. So we’re ready looking forward to seeing what capcom provides here, man. 

Fatal Frame : Maiden black water 

Fatal frame is a survival horror-story adventure game in which, the player has to survive really creepy haunted place and they are kinda scary. Fatal Frame is actually remake of the 2014 fatal Frame game for its 20th anniversary of the fatal frame series. 

On the other hand, the player Yuri Kozukata, in the game has a ability to see supernatural phenomenon which helps the player to search the traces of several missing persons by venturing out. In this game, the player’s main weapon to damage the supernatural characters is the Camera Obscura, this camera helps to battle against the encroaching vengeful ghost. The game main intention is to unravel the mysteries behind the mysterious missing reports in the mountain. Fatal Frame is said to be released in late 2021. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator major update

Captured in true 4K in real time, many world updates, like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and many more places. The game is beyond the limit of sky and sky doesn’t has limit. 

Microsoft flight simulator has best in real time graphics and it really looks gorgeous in certain ways. The implantation of flight vibes and providing the vibes of roaming around the beautiful world across the flight is really amazing. 

Microsoft Flight simulator has a latest major up which is mainly focused upon Europe’s Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland,Norway and Sweden. 

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