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Top exclusive upcoming games for Xbox one

by Nexx

This was a real tough topic to make games suggestions on. There were so many outstanding games in which we had chose by keeping stone in our heart. There are more than 10 stunning and outstanding exclusive upcoming game for Xbox one but will be counting down the top best upcoming exclusive games for Xbox one which will release in mid 2020, 21 and starting of 2022.

10. Orphan of the machine

The upcoming Xbox one exclusive games, the game has been unveiled called orphan of the machine. It’s and underwater title in which the player has a control to a dolphin. It’s not revealed yet but developers committed that the game is heavily inspired by Metroid. It’s release date is in the ending of 2020 for Xbox one X and S and probably for PC too.

9. The Gunk

The gunk xbox exclusive game

The upcoming 3D plat-former game that will be release this year of September. The Gunk game is a adventure game in the dying world of strange parasite. The player has armed with the power to suck up the gunk with the weapon, the player can restore the environment into its original beauty.

You can also counter the monster which was in of red by the parasite gunk and find new ways to kill and survive in the game. And you can learn more about parasite how it’s took over the world. Overall the game looks very interesting and showing off better efforts.

8. Forza MotorSport

Forza MotorSport is currently in the development period at turn 10 studios and will be released for Xbox one x and s series. The is no release date for this game yet but the game was announced last year so it may be released in this year or may be next year. 

7. State of decay 3

state of decay 3 upcoming xbox exclusive game

The hunting shooting game has now a new feature threats which are zombie animals in the game. The presence of infected wild animals the games has made its key element. 

There will be snow covered landscape, and new key settings for to fight the undead in the game. The game will be released in Xbox one x and s series and most probably for PC too.


The game was announced quite a one time ago but the game has surprised by showing up Xbox showcase. We still don’t have any information related to this game it’s Xbox series console upcoming release. But we got a brief information what to expect to the game in the gameplay. The developers also say the development is working smoothly and its 4K support in Xbox series X. 

5. Ever wild

The revel of Ever wild in 2019, the Microsoft has presented the game in beautiful world and vivid art design. The game is drawing players to explore the world it’s beautiful world. Ever wild is currently in development for Xbox one and PC but doesn’t has release date currently. 

4.Perfect Dark

After so many rumours and the indications of the game has finally unveiled. The sequel to perfect dark zero the in 2005, the game focuses on future tech with an ecological twists. The secrets cooperations has been hiding if there is little back wars sequel indications then Joanna is the only one who can unveil this.

3. Hello neighbour 2

With its dynamic pixels and its promised better realisation of self horror concept. The game announced trailer shows interesting gameplay footage which look dynamic and tense chase and more. The currently developing game has no release date yet.


Senuas Saga Hell-blade II is Microsoft’s most biggest and most anticipated upcoming first party release. The based on the theory of ninja and its predecessor, because we have only seen a cinematic teaser. There is still a question though will the game will be available for steam as the Microsoft too. Well so far the game is work in progress and we will know soon its upcoming release date soon.

1. ARK 2

Ark 2 upcoming xbox exclusive

The game has most unexpected and bizarre reveal of Ark 2 featuring Van Diesel. The CG trailer and lack of any real details now we actually know the role and a little hint about the game itself. The game will be console launch exclusive for Xbox one X and S series and planed to release in 2022 respectively.

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